Call For Papers

Submissions closed on November 1, 2016.

General information relevant to all submissions is available under Submission Guidelines. If you are a student and need information about the student research competitions please see Student Research Competitions for more information. If you plan to submit through an affiliate organization please see this page.



What is the cost to join SWPA and to attend the conference?
Please see Dues Information. Please note that there are no refunds if your abstract is not accepted for the program.
Who is eligible to submit to the conference?
Any member of SWPA is eligible to submit to SWPA and SWToP. Psi Chi submission authors must additionally be members of Psi Chi. Dues must be current at the time of submission for all authors listed on SWPA and Psi Chi submissions. At minimum the first author of SWToP submissions must be a dues-paid SWPA member. For more submission information for each organization / group, please go to Submission guidelines
How do I volunteer as an abstract reviewer?
Any professional member of SWPA is eligible to serve as a reviewer. As you complete you membership profile, when you are joining SWPA for the first time, or when you are renewing your membership you can volunteer as an abstract reviewer and select up to 5 topics for which you are qualified to review. The link to volunteer is located at the top of the profile page. Please note that you will receive several abstracts for each topic you select, so those selecting more topics will receive more abstracts to review.
What types of submissions will be accepted?
SWPA accepts submissions for posters, talks, symposia, and workshops. Submit all abstracts (including those for adjunct organizations) via the online step-by-step process at SWPA expects that those who submit abstracts commit to attend the convention and present their submission if it is accepted. Do not submit the same abstract for more than one type of submission. For more information about how to prepare the different types of submissions, please see the Submission guideline
Are there awards for presentations?
YES! There are undergraduate and graduate student paper competitions. First prize winners receive $300. Second prize winners of each receive $200. Third prize winners receive $100