Donate to SWPA

The Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and welcomes donations to fund our ongoing work to promote educational and scientific advancements related to psychology.  SWPA accepts cash donations and/or securities.  For donations in the form of securities, SWPA reserves the right to convert the donation into cash upon receipt.

SWPA will accept donations under two categories: 1) the Endowed Fund and 2) the Annual Fund.  In the Endowed Fund, there are three programs to which you may contribute.  Each purpose of each fund is to fund invited speakers for the annual convention.

  • Saul Sells Lecture Fund: Dr. Saul Sells, President of SWPA in 1963, left a bequest in his estate for SWPA. That fund supports an invited speaker to address a topic either in Personality or in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
  • Forensic Psychology Lecture Fund: A group of donors established this fund in 2009 to support an invited speaker to address concerns related to psychology and the law. The donors’ interest is in securing justice (protecting innocent people, providing adequate defense, ensuring validity and reliability of evidence).
  • Lauren Scharff State Representative Symposium Fund: This fund, established in 2010, honors Past President Lauren Scharff for her foresight in developing a symposium series coordinated by SWPA’s state representatives. The symposia highlight research programs in the representatives’ states, and funds support travel and lodging for invited researchers.

Donations to the Endowed Fund may be designated or non-designated.  Designated donations are those that the donor specifies must be used to support specific events. Any donor making a contribution to the Endowed Fund of $10,000 or more may request a designated Named Lecture series, for which the donor may suggest the name, the content covered, and speakers.  However, final decisions about invitations rest with the Executive Committee and its established procedures.

Donors making a contribution to the Endowed Fund of less than $10,000 may request to be listed as a Sponsor of a designated event.  Donors may specify which existing event they wish to sponsor. Donors may recommend speakers/activities for the event.  Final decisions about the event rest with the Executive Committee and its established procedures.  Donor sponsorships will appear in the published program.  SWPA encourages donors to consider sponsoring Invited State Representative Symposia from their state. These symposia occur once every two years.

Non-designated donations to the Endowed Fund are those that donors specify must be placed in the endowment, but carry no specific instructions for program or event support.  Donors will be listed in the program as Endowment Sponsors for the year in which the donation was made.  SWPA’s Executive Committee will annually determine the distribution of earnings in support of program expenses.

Donations to the Annual Fund supports the necessary ongoing functions of the organization, including invited speakers, student awards for paper competitions, the social hour for the convention, teleconference phone charges, program expenses including costs of program booklet production, audio-visual contracts, and paid staff. Donors to the Annual Fund will be listed in the program as for the year donations are made.

In order to make a donation, please log in the members only site and go to the pay dues and registration page. There is a donation option using the secure online processing.

SWPA cannot accept donations from individuals or organizations if such acceptance compromises the mission of the organization.  Donors may not receive personal tangible benefits, aside from tokens of appreciation, for their donations.

For more information, please contact the SWPA President at